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About Us

Harambe Ibogaine Centre

Harambe does not operate in the traditional sense of an addiction clinic where there is client and staff. We provide a family setting in a comfortable and welcoming environment where people come to voluntarily use Ibogaine for both emotional, spiritual and physical detoxification. We provide a clean and safe place for you to experience Ibogaine so that you can make the changes that are necessary for you in your life.  We have 10 years experience both using and providing others with the opportunity to experience Ibogaine. We understand the process of Ibogaine treatment from personal experience.
We have been treating clients since 2004. Just as each client is different, so is each treatment. The body responds in different ways, so we adapt to each individual treatment.


We are situated at the foot of the Serranian Mountains in the heart of the Valencian countryside. We have 5000 square meters of land with olive and almond trees, surrounded by a beautiful pine forest and orange groves. The climate is pleasant most of the year, consistent with Southern Europe, rising to high temperatures in August. We are close to the coast, half an hour’s drive and nearby the river Turia. We have simple and modest accommodation in a family home setting. We have wooden house and a yurt with outside toilet/shower block, for use in the warmer weather, Ibogaine treatment outside can be a very spiritual and natural experience.

Food will be provided from our garden and is all completely organic.  We cook fresh meals every day and sit together to eat. Please let us know in advance if you have any allergies. Many people don’t feel hungry immediately after experiencing Ibogaine, so we start with light food such as fruit and vegetables, gradually building strength and appetite. We recommend fasting for overall health if the person is not too underweight.


Massage is a very important part of the detox process not only does it help to eliminate toxins from the body, but it produces endorphins and a feeling of well being in the patient. The practice of yoga is highly recommended for several reasons. The body will become stronger and more supple, the internal organs are massaged and strengthened and deep breathing is very beneficial in unlocking psychological trauma.