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Iboga and Ibogaine

Iboga and ibogaine treatments are given at our detox centre in Spain and are used to treat various addictions and problems related to stress, trauma and mental health. Ibogaine is a derativative of Iboga which comes from a root bark that is found in the forests of the Gabon in Africa. There, it is used by the people native to the region in religious ceremonies.

Ibogaine treatments have been shown to help chronic depression, stress, obsessive compulsive disorders and have been very effective in addiction treatments of all natures.

Ibogaine allows heroin, cocaine and alcohol addiction interruption without withdrawal, it also converts to Nor-Ibogaine in the liver and is stored by the body as an extra support in the weeks after.

This allows the addict to remain drug free for a period and allows space to escape from the patterns of drug use. What we would strongly recommend is that the addict prepares a program of support on their return in order to avoid the uptake of their addiction again.

Addiction treatment is very successful in those who are self motivated to stop and who come voluntarily, not pushed by a friend or well meaning loved one.  It is very important that you are prepared to make the change in your life that will take you away from addiction. Iboga is a powerful detox tool but it is not easy and it will not change what you want. If you are ready to make the change in your life and stop with drugs then iboga is there to help. Aftercare and an after plan are essential to changing your lifestyle.