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Anna, Germany (Testimonial)

Going to Spain to Harambe Detox changed my life, recovered/even disclosed my personality, gave me
strenght, clarity and peace.

Using cocain and alcohol to escape pressure and daily routine but also to cover vulnerability, missing
confidence and self-respect made me sick and unhappy. It changed my personality, took my sensibility,
detached me from beloved people because of inability to love.

Psychotherapy, expensive clinical rehabilitation and the personal strength of thought did not help to
get out of the wheel. With no option at hand and a horrible life to bear, the treatment with Iboga
crystallized as the only possible way to go.

It was physically and mentally very intense but I was looked after with cosiness and understanding
like in mothers arms. I felt secure, had no fear.

After treatment, before thinking about the meaning of my sub-conscious journey, I noticed a very
strong feeling of happiness, just me with myself, alone, nothing and no-one involved, a feeling I never
had before. This is what was missing in my life, I found it, no one could have helped me, only me and
the curative effect of Iboga.

In this way, everyone going on the trip, makes his unique discovery, maybe a decision, a revelation or
just a feeling, as I did. I am a very pragmatic, and structured person with regular job and family. I met
people at Harambe Detox with completely different problems, addictions, personalities also having
completely different visions/conclusions after their treatment, meaning, independent what and who
you are, you will find something with Iboga, that can really help you and will hopefully last for a very
long time (forever).

Catherine and Bilal, you helped me to change my life. I have no words to say how much I thank
you for everything.


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