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Max, Germany (Testimonial)

I have been using opiates on and off since 15 years old and this latest bout has been for 2 years straight. I was taking suboxone, then methadone then morphine. I had tried rehab and this did not work so I looked into ibogaine and found Harambe.

I called Catherine who talked to me about the process, how I should prepare and how I would feel. I was a bit skeptical at first but Catherine and Bilal really took care of me very professionally and with warmth. This is important because I had a hard trip, it seemed endless. Iboga is not a recreational psychedelic and it royally kicked my ass. I was calling out with the pain of the thoughts that were running through my head, then Cathy spoke to me and assured me that it would eventually pass, that it was nothing compared to a cold turkey.

Eventually, i put my trust in them and the process and in who they treated me and now I finally feel ready to move on from that part of my life that I left in Valencia.

Thanks guys


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