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Mick, Holland (Testimonial)

So finally I’m back home after a week of detox and already feeling actually ok – but let’s start at the beginning.
I’ve had 20 years of using morphine with only a few moments of sobriety, the longest being over a year, and nearly on a point to just want to leave that world, I finally heard about Iboga and started my research on it. I can’t even tell how frustrated, worn out and helpless I felt and watching myself using cocaine and actually trying to kill myself with, it wasn’t a nice thing for a once happy and loved kid with a normal (maybe a bit hyper but happy) childhood. I grew up and got in the wrong circle with lots of violence and also money (red light) shortly after 20, I stepped out of that and had again 10. years drug free.

Falling into heroin at the end of the nineties was then actually the start of my fucked up life, how I would see it now, 20 years later after a few detoxes I was on the point described above and not in a good stage of mind at all as mentioned.

The last exit for the lost was a different cure, cause all the fights after the normal detox, I couldn’t have handled any more – so iboga came along and after contacting Catherine and with a little (big) help from my family I bought my flight and started with cleaning my system a bit with some healthy food and fruits as advised.
Arriving in Valencia I run into Katherine without a sign just a look in her eyes and it was clear for me that’s her.
Arriving on Thursday my trip was planned for Friday morning but, it actually started at 2:00 am cause I already started to show withdraw symptoms, after a little test dose the symptoms went away shortly and I got the rest of the dose in a few more steps.

A bodily buzzing and visions of some African tribe people followed me through the whole trip the message ‘believe in yourself – you know what to do and the path – and the old feeling of connection and trust was awake inside of me like before I started misusing drugs – and not a sign of withdraw symptoms! (just a little backache) stayed till the end of the trip on the next day (about 30 hours) it took me about a day to recover and walk straight again – smile!
Before I did my second trip, I needed another day to recover – It was so hot and I was restless so Cathy took me to the public open air pool at the village – after years of misuse, day 3 without and I was at a pool without withdrawing symptoms (a minimal backache) nothing at all and able to go in the water! That should tell everybody who has an idea of the suffering on a normal detox without Iboga, what a wonder happened!

Cathy and Bilal who cared about me from the arrival and gave me such a familiar, safe and welcome feeling have been one of the greatest hearts to help me over my situation which was 20 years of misuse of morphine and as mentioned further down the line, picked me up at a not very great stage of mind and cared for me 24 hours a day and looked after me when necessary and sent me back home as a new person, they are professional and have been a great help and always made me feel comfortable.

Their two kids Kali and Malik cheered me up in between and made me smile so often even in times when my smile was still a bit stiff around my lips – great place to be total!

So a few days later and after 1 sleep I had a second flood dose to take away the remaining morphine, the reaction started fast but after a while I fell into a dark unconscious hole, Bilal brought me out of it fast and then there was a ball of light in my head – the negativity and the old feeling from before without drugs at the same time was interesting and not scary at all and after 24 hours and another day to recover – this time needing to cool from the summer heat and looking for raw nature, we drove to a beautiful mountain river and enjoyed the cool healing waters….I was ready to fly back.

3 days later now at home – 2 lazy ones – I feel good, and on the way to a holiday with my girlfriend for two weeks in the middle of the night I’m writing my text and feel changed totally – all the best to everybody who suffers with a similar problem, I say go for it!


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