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Patricia, Switzerland (Testimonial)


A few month ago I have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. I fell in deep shock. Doctors said it`s incurable. But I beliefe that healing is possible (for everything), and looking only at the body`s biochemistry and eating pills is just not enough I can do for myself. I wanted to find out why I`ve became ill and how to heal. After researching I found this substance which could open a door to find answers.

When I took the Ibogain a process of detaching from my body startet, it felt like someone would poor some chocolateglaze over my body and from then on it was difficult to move. I closed my eyes and visuals started to appear.

Bilal came in, to give me the second or third dose when he mentioned that some people would feel like their head will get opened, he left the room and the same instant the door fell into the doorframe my head startet to be opened and it felt like my whole brain would be draged out of my scull at the fontanelle towards the back. As if the cosmic consiousness could start now to read the information about my life.

Mindchattering started. Suddenly I noticed that I could open my eyes and look around the room and see things that were so very incredibly real (even tough I knew probably only I could see them).

Later on I could`nt differentiate anymore whether the man that just came into the room was real or not, whether the door was open or closed. It may sound scary, but still I felt save. Then I saw water running from the bathroomtap on the wall, I decided to go and check close without help (very difficult! this was like climbing the mount everest in a snowstorm!). So I fightet my way to the bathroom to close the watertap, only to see the water was not running. When I was back in bed, again I saw the shiny, glittering water running from the wall.

Out of the constant mindchatter a (partial) answer of my big question emerged. The cause for my illness seemed very weird and unexpected to me. I started to cry loud. Soon after, I received an information (from the cosmic consiousness) how to take 3 very very deep breath and to push the energy out at the hight of my bellybutton. Which I did. Then my body startet to get in position for something, it felt like I would just give birth. I hyperventilated then I startet screaming the hell out of me. Catherine came in and hold my hand, and I just wanted to tell here that I am allright, and that the screaming was very good for me, because I didn`t wanted to scare her, so in between the screams I tryed to tell here that I feel fine. The screems were unstopable and completely uncontrolable by my will. I heard my own screeming and it sounded like someone would get murdered. But the screaming felt great and it was releasing traped energy which was imprisioned in my body. And I know also what my body was releasing, but I can`t put it in words. I just understand it.

Most of my questions were answered. The ones that were not answered, were questions about things that are not important for my life in the very here and now. The answers came in form of an image, I understood what they ment.

I had the feeling that the cosmic consiousness was performing operations with hightech laserlight especially on my lower jawbone, upper jaw, cheekbone, my teeth, my third eye, my vishuddi-chakra, my heart (they cut open my chest, ripped out my heart and showed me a certain emotion I had for seomeone). The operations seemed to heal things or reset things and my brain received a cleansing.

I received “gifts”, for example they manufactured some lenses for my eyes to be able to see through the physical matter (still I cannnot see more than an average person, but maybe it will develop in the future). “They” also showed me how to influence matter.

I have received insight in some principals or mechanisms of life. For example to forgive other ones is as beneficial for myself, as it is for the other person.

Behind everything is a reason, even though we can`t see that out of our perspective.

Everything is made out of pure consiousness, we are consiousness in a dense form, we are everything and therefore we already have everything. And we don`t have to do anything to achieve/receive something. This kind of things I could understand then, and now (with my normal mindset) I find it difficult to integrate this in my life. I felt enlightened, I was able to see things from a high and true perspective.

When the effect of Ibogain left me, I felt like a brandnew me. Cleansed, with a fresh aligned mind, having received insight, knowledge, understanding and another chance. The message ist, that I have to make changes in my life.

My expectations of IBOGAIN were very high, and now I know: THIS IS THE REAL DEAL!!!

Harambedetox is the place to go, here you are in good hands!

Thank you very much Bilal and Catherine, for doing what you are doing!!!

You are wonderful!!


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