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Robert, Netherlands (Testimonial)

Bilal and Cathy I want to thank you very much for let me be part of your family for four weeks and for taking such good care for me, It was really worth it for me, I decided to stay for four weeks because I wanted to be sure to really feel good the moment I went home, I wanted to detox with ibogaine because I was on suboxone, I did quit the suboxone three weeks before arrival at Harambe Detox and switched to a short acting opiate, as advised by Cathy. The moment I arrived I got some herbs which made me sleep very well for two day’s so I could start my first ibogaine treatment, this one was very detoxing I was very tired for four or five day’s but I was not in withdrawal, after five day’s I was able to go swimming with Bilal to a beautiful lake in the mountains, I waited a week more before I started my second ibogaine treatment which was very good, it showed me what is really important in my life, after the second time I was feeling great the day after the tiredness was gone, I saw some other people coming over for the ibogaine treatment and it was amazing to see the change in them a few day’s after they had done the ibogaine. I went to other Iboga places and tried it myself but it did not work. Now I’m not thinking or dreaming of drugs. Well I really want to thank Cathy and Bilal for taking so good care for me by being there 24 hours a day and making all these healthy biological meals, I am very happy I have done this feeling me so much better in such a short time knowing from earlier experience that if I did not do my detox this way with the ibogaine I would have been miserable for a very long times { for months},


Robert van Dijk


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