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Treatment Overview

It is important that you follow our guidelines to effectively receive Ibogaine treatment for effective completion of detoxification. All treatments are monitored by an experienced Ibogaine facilitators. We ask that you have an up to date medical check and are fit and healthy to undergo treatment.  We recommend that you prepare your body in the weeks prior to treatment, reducing where you can the substances that you are using and following a clean healthy diet, free of meat, fat and sugar. If you cannot reduce your substance intake, it is equally important to be honest about what you have taken and are taking so that we can dose you accordingly.  Sessions will be conducted in our house with 24 hour monitoring by experienced facilitators.

The dose ranges and treatment will be given on a personal level according to the individual needs, stressing again the need for complete honesty with us. All information given is private and confidential and received without judgement. We will evaluate your condition, and dosage will be given according to your sensitivity to drugs. For some people the first dose is the start for one or more follow up treatments that may be required.  Ibogaine creates deep healing and can work on so many levels that it can be necessary to space out treatments and regain your strength between doses.  We recommend that you stay for as much time as possible to separate yourself from your daily life and give the Ibogaine time to work within your body and mind.

Side Effects

Side effects of treatments can include nausea and motion sickness. It is important to remain as still as possible during the initial phases. Vomiting can occur in many people and can be prolonged or short lived. This is a normal part of the healing process, purging the toxins from your body.  Many people also experience auditory and visual distortions during the first six hours. As the visual stage dies down, you enter what we call the grey day, no one expects this feeling of emptiness, you can also feel frustrated and restless. Anxiety and intense body sensations are common at times, but these disappear completely after 36 hours. Afterwards one can feel very restless and sleepless, some even anxious for a day or 2, this is not a recreational psychedelic. You can be presented with images that are sometime very emotional, sometimes loving and others disturbing. Most of these effects disappear within 36 hours.

Applying for Treatment

We accept most applications, but we would prefer you fill our Treatment Application Form, to speed things up.